The 8 best meals in Final Fantasy XV


The 8 best meals in Final Fantasy XV

Warrior. Rogue. Priest. Mage. Chef. The last member of the RPG quintumvirate has been overlooked too often. Is it not true that the most underestimated member of the Fellowship of the Ring was not Frodo, but, in fact, lembas bread? Final Fantasy XV gets it, casting Ignis as a wandering cook, working with the materials his adventuring party provides. Here are the recipes you most want to get out of your itinerant nutritionist.

Here are 11 reasons the PC edition is the best version of Final Fantasy XV.

Lasagna Al Forno

  • HP Boost (Level 80): Increases maximum HP by 4,000

  • EXP Boost (Level 4): Increases experience gained by 100%

  • Resistant: Nullifies fire, ice, and lightning attacks

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