The Sea of Thieves endgame sounds super cool


The Sea of Thieves endgame sounds super cool

While the Sea of Thieves closed beta answered many questions about Rare’s big new shared-world pirate game, it left many questions unanswered. Chief among them, perhaps, was, is this it?

I recently sailed over to Rare’s offices in the Leicestershire countryside to find out what the famed UK developer held back for launch – and it turns out there’s a lot to the game we didn’t get to see in the closed beta.

The most enticing mechanic for me has to do with the endgame. Sea of Thieves has progression, but unlike some, well, a lot of games, it does not have experience points nor does it have stat-based loot. Progression revolves around increasing reputation with the three trading companies: the Order of Souls, the Gold Hoarders and the Merchant Alliance. Complete quests for these factions and you’ll increase your reputation with each. As you level up your reputation you unlock the opportunity to buy a promotion with that trading company (you can display this promotion title under your gamertag). Each promotion gives you access to a new set of voyages and cosmetic items that reflect your new job title. And when you hit a certain level of reputation, the endgame kicks in.

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