Sea of Thieves will allow three-person crews at launch to combat brig griefing


During the closed beta for Sea of Thieves some players found a way to abuse the game’s brig mechanic. Developers Rare intended it as a way for a ship’s crew to vote a disruptive player into a cell below deck. But the closed beta saw teams of three friends voting a random player who joined them into the brig just so they didn’t have to share their ship with someone else. 

Here’s some more we know about Sea of Thieves thanks to dataminers

“In the closed beta, the brig is being abused because three players want to play together and a fourth player will join,” design director Mike Chapman explains. “So, for launch, we will allow you to play [with just] three-players on the galleon.”

Originally, the brig was intended to lock up the trolls, not to be used by them. It was introduced as an elegant way to deal with a problematic player in-game.

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