Sea Of Thieves' swashbuckling is like "improv comedy that the player creates"


What makes a Rare game? Perhaps it is the ostensibly child-friendly, anthropomorphic creatures whose statues greet you as you drive through the studio’s substantial, wooded grounds. Slightly unhinged squirrels and birds stare toothily, convincing you that, if you stay after the sun sets, you will never leave this place alive. Perhaps it is the mischievous, sometimes scatalogical sense of humour that ties all the games together. Or maybe it is the use of colour that make Rare games like Viva Pinata an enduring joy. 

More Sea of Thieves clues were found in a recent datamine

Sea of Thieves has that: a lovely, vibrant, pastel-coloured art style gives its oceans a charm that rival Wind Waker. However, instead of anthropomorphic animals, Rare’s next game features a cast of misfit pirates armed with guns, concertinas, and flagons of grog. This might be a multiplayer game where you can headshot rival players, but it is, unmistakably, made by Rare. Only, this time, you create the humour. 

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