5 essential Kingdom Come: Deliverance activities you should do straight away


Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been widely described as a medieval Skyrim, which is understandable given its emphasis on historical accuracy and realism in 15th century Bohemia. It trades the mythical mountains and fantastical spires of Tamriel for, well, cow shit and broken bones. 

At least there are plenty of things to do in Kingdom Come: Deliverance to distract you from the squalor. There are main quests, side-quests, and activities – smaller, optional pastimes that can be completed whenever you like. You can lay siege to a heavily defended fort one moment and be haring after rabbits for a local huntsman the next.

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Outside of quests, you can commit crimes and then use your sharp tongue to wriggle out of them should you get caught red-handed. You can experience the ‘services’ offered by the town’s bath maids. Or you can take the edge off by glugging down bottle after bottle of red wine. All that history is thirsty work, after all. To help you through it, here are the five things you should do straight away in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. 

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