Jeff and Barra are all that is good and pure about the Smite World Championships


At the time, I didn’t pay much attention to the man or his excitable companion. There were plenty of fans already milling around the hotel and so assumed the pair had met at a previous expo. The next time I saw Barraccudda, however, he was on the expo’s main stage, preparing for the Smite World Championship quarter finals against NRG Gaming.

Here’s what’s coming up in Smite season 5.

The first day of the tournament was busy with announcements, so while there were plenty of games going on, I was forced to watch them on the screens dotted around the expo. As time ticked on, it became clear that the next day would herald the first major clash of the tournament. Luminosity Gaming were set to take on NRG for a spot in the semi-finals. I had to get up close if I could.

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