Fortnite: Battle Royale gets player stats and cheat reporting in new patch


Fortnite: Battle Royale mode has been a great success, with over ten million unique players so far. Guess that proves there’s room for more than one large scale, loot-fueled killing field simulator. Anyway, we can expect Epic to support this game for a very long while, and in Fortnite’s version 1.71 patch, they’re doing plenty of work to both Battle Royale and its co-op PvE Save the World mode – if you care about that.

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The patch addresses cheating and balancing in both modes, as well as adding player stats to Battle Royale. Your stats will be backfilled, and you can check them out via the new Stats tab on the home screen. Leaderboards are still coming, though their initial release date has been missed. You’ll also notice an in-game report button so you can flag cheaters for Epic’s attention, and they’ve added BattlEye, a third-party tool, to their existing anti-cheat detection. 

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