Xbox Live Issues Reported, Destiny 2 Affected


Xbox Live Issues Reported, Destiny 2 Affected

It looks like Xbox Live is running into some issues today. Bungie reported on Twitter that it is aware of issues players are encountering when trying to connect to Destiny 2 on Xbox One. The developer reported that people are also having trouble getting into Destiny 1 on the console.

It appears this problem is on Microsoft’s end. Microsoft’s “Xbox Live Status” page shows that Core Services such as signing in to an account, creating one, and recovering one are affected, along with search functionality. Affected platforms include Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows. 10. Additionally, Purchase and Content Usage on Xbox 360 is affected. This pertains to buying things, redeeming codes, and downloading.

As always, your mileage may vary with these matters. So if someone is working for someone, it might be broken for someone else.

This is going to be a developing story. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest on the issues, as we’ll report back with new details as they become available.

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