Will there ever be a good stand-up comedy game?


Will there ever be a good stand-up comedy game?

What would the world’s worst comedy club look like? Perhaps it would be a brightly lit room under a pub in Shepherd’s Bush, with no stage, just a strip of carpet in front of some chairs, which also happens to serve as a shortcut to the toilet.

Perhaps it would be a dingy room over a pub in Kentish Town, run by a man who will only ever put one woman on the bill “because the audience don’t like too many females”, and who introduces acts by saying things like, “Sorry about this, but all the good comics are up in Edinburgh at this time of year.”

Or perhaps it would be a shipping container under a flyover in Deptford, where the audience members sit on packing crates, and there’s no heating, so they’re given blankets which they have to share, but that’s OK, because there are only two of them.

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