No Man's Sky enters the top 50 games on Steam by player count


Update August 11, 2017: It might have launched around a bunch of different controversies (see the video above for some more of those), but No Man’s Sky did very well. In fact, it was one of Steam’s best-selling games last year. 

People were disappointed that it lacked certain features, however. Still, Hello Games have been beavering away over the past year, working on a bunch of free updates. The latest adds the foundations of actual multiplayer.

Sales aside, here are the very best games of 2016.

In that latest update, players can also uncover new story content and fast-travel to places via portals. This seems to have resonated with many, as the game has currently jumped into the top 50 games on Steam, measured by player count. 

At the time of writing, No Man’s Sky is way above its competitor, Elite: Dangerous, with 9,281 people exploring its pastel-coloured planetoids. In comparison, Elite’s peak today was 5,075. The next game up from No Man’s Sky is super-popular farm sim Stardew Valley.

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