E3 2017 was the busiest E3 of the last decade


From the sounds of it, and thank goodness I spent the whole time in Scotland, E3 2017 was a bit busy. A nightmarish hellscape of bodies crammed in like sardines, queuing for hours to look at some games. Not surprisingly, then, The Entertainment Software Association has announced a significant increase in attendees this year, making it the busiest E3 in over a decade. 

Take a gander at our E3 2017 coverage.

This year saw the event swallow up 68,400 souls, a 16,200 increase over E3 2016, and only 1,600 people short of the 70,000 who attended E3 in 2005. Of course, the difference between this E3 and others is that it’s no longer an industry-only affair, with tickets being sold to the public. 15,000 of them. 

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