Horizon: Zero Dawn – Where to Find all 5 Power Cells


Horizon: Zero Dawn – Where to Find all 5 Power Cells

While Horizon: Zero Dawn does a great job of keeping players pushing forward with new quests and story beats, not all of the game’s collectibles are obvious. Power Cells, for example, are tucked away in certain areas of the game, but finding all of them will give players something pretty useful.

In total, there are 5 Power Cells to collect in Horizon: Zero Dawn but finding just one will give players a quest called ‘The Armory.’ This quest will lead players to a secret underground area that holds a special item, but the only way to unlock that item is with those 5 Power Cells, and a little puzzle solving.

What are the Power Cells for?

To find each of the 5 Power Cells, players will need to be extra vigilant during the main quests. These items will be denoted by a green resource icon on the HUD, so don’t overlook them thinking it might be an Uncommon mod or crafting item.

Even if you do miss one of the Power Cells during a normal Horizon: Zero Dawn playthrough, that doesn’t mean you can’t go back and find each Power Cell later in the game. It’s just easier to scoop them up the first way through a mission area rather than having to backtrack.

Power Cell #1: All Mother-Mountain

The first Power Cell can be found in All-Mother Mountain during the quest called ‘Womb of the Mountain’. While venturing through the cavernous area, players will spot a small vent that they can crouch into and walk through.

Specifically, the player will need to head through two sets of doors (after waking up) and then head to the right towards a locked door. On the left side of the locked door is the small passage – walk through and you will find the first Power Cell.

Power Cell #2: Ruins

The second Power Cell can be found in the ‘Ruins’ area on the Horizon: Zero Dawn map. For reference, this is the first cave that Aloy falls into as a young child.

Head into the underground area and keep an eye out for a room that is blocked by a partially closed door (it is located in the purple section in the bottom right on the map). Now that Aloy is grown up and well equipped, she can pry the door open and grab the next Power Cell inside.

Power Cell #3: Maker’s End

The third Power Cell is found during the quest called ‘Maker’s End’, which takes place in the ruins of the Faro Tower. Once Aloy has reached the top of the tower (the 12th floor, to be exact), she will see a table with interactive elements to further the story.

Before activating any exposition, instead turn around and climb up the handholds to the highest point on the tower. At the very top there should be a supply cache and the third Power Cell.

NOTE: The Maker’s End area is the only named location that is not a green (or white if already completed) ruin icon. Instead the crumbled building icon demarcates this location.

Power Cell #4: Grave Hoard

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s fourth Power Cell is hidden in the Grave-Hoard ruins, which are accessed during the mission of the same name. Of the 5 Power Cells this is the easiest to find, as it will be staring the player right in the face after unlocking a door.

Those who worried about missing the Power Cell should be on the lookout after solving a series of puzzles using the ring dials that can rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise. After solving these puzzles, Aloy will unlock a door and on the other side of that door will be a supply cache, the Power Cell, and a healing plant. Basically, if one side of the door is a purple/blue colored area and the other is more orange in tone, you are in the right spot. But like was mentioned, it’s almost impossible to miss it.

Power Cell #5: Gaia Prime

The final Power Cell in the game is in the Gaia Prime Ruins, which unlock during the quest ‘The Mountain That Fell’. To get to the Power Cell, players will need to progress through a portion of the quest area before reaching an open are with a rappel point.

However, instead of rappelling down, players will want to jump off to the left and follow the small path to an area blocked off by stalagmites and stalactites. Break through these and the Power Cell will be on the other side.

It’s also possible to reach this area after exploring the entire Gaia Prime area via a zip line that leads Aloy back out. In this case, the room with the Power Cell will be on the right hand side before climbing back up and out.

Unlocking the Shield Weaver Outfit

With all 5 Power Cells in their inventory, players can return to the Armory area. Placing two Power Cells in the empty breakers will activate a basic puzzle that requires putting the red section of the ring facing: UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP.

Finishing this first puzzle will unlock access to the main room of the Armory, and a side room with another ring puzzle. Put the 3 remaining Power Cells in the breakers and then solve this code using revolutions in a circle. Or simply input: RIGHT, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, LEFT.

Once two puzzles have been solved, the armor in the middle of the Armory will unlock and players will gain a treasure box containing the Shield Weaver outfit. Although it doesn’t look like the locked up armor, the Shield Weaver outfit serves almost like a full suit of armor, protecting Aloy from all forms of attack. Its description reads:

Ancient technology, salvaged by Aloy and stitched to Nora leather, projects a damage-absorbing force shield. Takes time to recharge when depleted.

The Shield Weaver outfit will flash blue whenever Aloy is impervious to damage from enemy machines (or any damage for that matter), but then will start to flash red when it is weakening. When it does that simply avoid conflict for a bit, let it recharge back to the blue flashing, and then continue.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out now for PS4. Read Game Rant’s Horizon: Zero Dawn review.

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