Horizon Zero Dawn's Full World Map Revealed


Horizon Zero Dawn's Full World Map Revealed

Horizon Zero Dawn‘s full world map has been revealed, showing a number of key locations from the upcoming PS4 exclusive.

Courtesy of GameRevolution (via NeoGAF), the image gives a glimpse of some presumably key areas from the game. The major regions, judging by prominence on the map, look to be Mother’s Heart, Meridian, and Sunfall. Take a look for yourself below, and remember you can click to enlarge the picture.

Each named area of the open world is assigned a color, ranging from blue, through green, to red. It’s currently unclear what those colors mean, and the size of the in-game world is also unknown.

We did recently get to see Horizon Zero Dawn’s full skill tree, however, and new videos have shown off the game’s massive machine beasts.

Zero Dawn was originally scheduled for launch in 2016, but it was later delayed to the end of February. It launches in the US on February 28 and in Europe three days later, on March 1.

An action game that features RPG elements, Zero Dawn is a step in a new direction for developer Guerrilla Games, which is perhaps best known for creating the Killzone first-person shooter series. In other news, Guerrilla this week detailed the game’s HUD options and showed off its photo mode.

For more on the game, check out GameSpot’s new preview.

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