Pokemon TCG Sun And Moon Expansion Now Available


Pokemon TCG Sun And Moon Expansion Now Available

A Sun and Moon expansion for the Pokemon trading card game is available starting today.

The expansion adds over 140 new cards to the TCG, including over 40 new Pokemon. Alola forms of first-generation Pokemon have gotten their own cards as well, and they’re unique in that many of them can use attacks that don’t require Energy cards.

The series also introduces previously announced Pokemon-GX cards. These Pokemon have an extremely powerful “GX” attack that can be used only once per game, which works much like Z-moves in Sun and Moon.

See two of the new cards below.

There are three pre-made theme decks available for beginners (and anyone looking to easily collect some new cards). Each comes with 60 cards and costs $13. Booster packs with 10 cards each cost $4. Both theme decks and booster packs come with codes that unlock virtual cards in Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.

Pokemon Bank was recently updated to be compatible with Sun and Moon, which are already the third best-selling 3DS games of all time.

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